Sunday, 18 July 2010


During the past three weeks, the CL44 Association has been active in its aim to produce a book highlighting the world of CARGO TRAMPS during the period 1950-1980 and relating the many as-yet untold stories of all of the folks involved in air cargo hauling throughout the world. This will not be restricted to Assn members but to anyone who wishes to recall their own personal tale.
NOW as a result of a visit to California, the idea of CARGO TRAMPS has received the interest of a film company who foresee it being of appeal to the tv channel DISCOVERY.
Already, a pilot trailer has been shot in Hollywood (yes Hollywood!) and right now, our task is to attract as many contributors as possible-either in the UK or the USA

So please do get in touch with us - we can't promise you a leading role (unless you look like Lassie) ! sorry