Monday, 2 March 2009

CL44 Association Happenings

We do hope to have the next edition of the Newsletter 'in the mail' to you all in late March or early April. However, it is NOT too late to let us have YOUR recollections of a particular flight or 44 colleague. DO please note that the Newsletter will be MAILED to you all-it will not appear on the website.
I just heard from Don Young (former Transmeridian Air Cargo Manager in Hong Kong). He's fit and well and is in touch with former Flying Tigers CL44 pilot Luis Salazar who is now living in Florida. This gives me an opportunity to mention that we do have lots of USA members from the days of Flying Tigers, Seaboard & Western-as it was initally before becoming Seaboard World, Slick Airways plus of course, latter days operators of the 'Forty Four' such as Wrangler/Blue Bell and AEI(Aeron).

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