Monday, 7 June 2010

The Association-Its members and its future

Despite little or no information regarding the Guppy (CL-44-O C/No 16) being received other than our own regular viewings which reveal that nothing has changed since the aircraft was alleged to have been sold by Bournemouth Airport Ltd, we will continue to monitor the Old Skymonster for signs of life.
Our Re union in May was hugely successful and it was decided that a similar function be held in 2011.
Our next Newsletter, together with photo-pages will be mailed out to all members in July. DO please ensure that your Subs are up to date-if you are unsure as to the due-date, do contact me-or simply, mail a cheque for £10 payable to the CL44 Association to the Chairman's home address.
Please don't forget that we are now looking for material for our new book CARGO TRAMPS
Any aircraft type covering the period 1950-1980.

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  1. Even though the future seems far away,
    it is actually beginning right now. See the link below for more info.